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Triple C supports each individuals unique and personal journey towards wellness and recovery through the provision of psychiatric rehabilitation services that emphasize choice. This is achieved by providing holistic, evidence-based rehabilitation services in which community support specialists work collaboratively with due regard for the strengths and contributions of each individual, along with their partners and family members.

A foundation to evidenced based services is RECOVERY: a values-based process where there is an inherent capacity of each individual to engage in a personalized  journey of growth to live a meaningful life.  As stated by Patricia Deegan: ‘Recovery is not the same thing as being cured. Recovery is a process, not an end point or a destination. Recovery is an attitude, a way of approaching the day and facing the challenges. Being in recovery means recognizing limitations in order to see the limitless possibilities. Recovery means being in control. Recovery is the urge, the wrestle, and the resurrection.’

Triple C's philosophy is underscored by the 3 C’s in our logo:

Care: the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something. 

We strive to provide exceptional care in ensuring each individual’s needs are addressed in a collaborative, comprehensive manner. 

Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

We seek every opportunity to maximize community integration for every person served, and to become an integral part of community life.

Choice: the opportunity or power to choose between two or more possibilities & opportunity or power to make a decision.

We assert that every individual has the freedom of choice to determine one's personal journey towards wellness and recovery. 




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